Mesón La Posada Ibérica
Calle Nueva
29780 Nerja

La Posada Iberica, Nerja

La Posada Iberica is tucked away in calle Nueva, a side street about halfway up calle Pintada, but well worth finding.

The decor is in some ways, very ‘olde worlde’ and gives you almost a comforting feeling when you walk in.

They have a good selection of tapas, not a huge amount but more than sufficient.

Definitely a bar to consider when doing a tapas run through the centre of town.

  1. Leonard Hynes says:

    Unquestionably one of the most interest eateries in the town. Excellent food, friendly service, good tapas (try the beans) well worth the trouble to find.

  2. Tom Riley says:

    Really Spanish little restaurant and bar – one of those little gems tucked away down a side street. Search it out.

  3. Michel from Belgium says:

    Really good little Spanish restaurant and tapas-bar.
    For example: beer 25 cl or soft drink + first course + main course + dessert or coffee cost 9 euro. And it’s really tasty and enough.
    Bottle of beer 30cl + tapas cost 1,75 euro.

  4. We have only recently discovered this tapas bar after 10 years of visiting Nerja. Have to say that we have tried most other places in Town and other locations throughout all of Andalucia and this is definitely one that is worth going to time after time.

  5. Have had one good Menu del Dia here, but our last evening meal was not so smooth going. Items were not available from the menu, and that included NO COFFEE ! No explanation was given for the missing items and conversation was a bit abrupt. The food was however fairly good, and certainly good value if you don’t mind eating your second choice. Overall impression is that they ‘ain’t going to make no consessions for the Brits’…and that its best feature.

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