Pool Bar
San Juan de Capistrano
29780 Nerja

The Pool Bar, that’s swimming pool and not pool the game, is located in San Juan de Capistrano at the eastern end of Nerja.

There is food available all day with an extensive evening menu for those wishing to dine as well as drink!

Open 10:00 to 22:00.

Tel: 95 252 53 99

  1. Ian Hayten says:

    Fantastic home cooked food, good value for money. I would recommend eating here

  2. Piet de Bruijn says:

    We were some days two weeks ago several times drinking and eating in your poolbar. Last night my wife lost her sunglasses on your terraze. Next day we had to leave early to the airport so you were closed at that time.
    I now found your adress and send you this message.
    The glasses are not normal but they have a strenght.
    The earholders have at the side of the glasses round hole with chrome edges.
    If you found the glasses please would you be so kind to mail me so that we can find a way to send it to us.
    Mailadress: [email protected]

    Thanks for your effort

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