Rincón de Sevillano
Calle Cristo
29780 Nerja

Rincon de Sevillano

Formerly the Sevillano Bistro, now the Rincón de Sevillano. Good food, good service and friendly atmosphere.

Nice street terrace in the warmer months.


  1. Excellent food always here. Good choice of menu and a la carte alternatives, we have eaten here many times and always delighted with both fish and meat dishes.
    The bistro has lots of character, always popular and in peak season with many tables on the street.

  2. I have sampled the food and drink at this lovely bistro and can say that it is fantastic. I spent 5 days of my 2 week holiday in 2010 eating here due to the excellent food and drink.
    The roof terrace is small but adequate for sitting with friends and cooling down over a glass or to of vino.
    I had the mjority of the menu,fish,meat,pzza and was never disappointed with anything that was placed before me.
    When in Nerja its a Must visit restaurant.

  3. Mel Warner says:

    We visited this restaurant twice during our holiday in Nerja this year. The food is very good and reasonably priced. On my first visit i had duck with a sweet wine sauce. It was delicious, so i decided to have it again on my next visit. To my disappointment the sauce served this time was very different to the first one. It was very tasty but not as good as the first one I got. Weird though, maybe a different chef! Pizzas here are excellent too.

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