Run One is a nice easy starter, not much walking involved so you can spend more time eating and drinking.

Start off at Los Bilbainos, which just off Plaza Cantarero (Orange Square). Would recommend trying the octopus if it’s on the menu, usually very well done.

Next stop is Los Cuñaos, about 200 metres further on. Turn right as you come out of the bar, cross calle Cristo, and continue down calle Herrera Oría and the bar is on the left.

The aubergines are lovely, as are the ‘pinchitos’ – meat or fish on skewers. The squid-on-a-stick is particularly succulent and never rubbery as sometimes can be the case.

Down the side street opposite Los Cunaos and after 50 metres you will see La Puntilla on the right corner. Try the clams, sardines and boquerones, delicious. So are the prawns.

As you leave La Puntilla, turn right as you come out of the door and another 50 metres will bring you to Chispa ‘Bar Dolores’ and the final stopping place on Trail One.

Not much walking, but plenty of eating and drinking.

Expect this trail to set you back the enormous amount of around €4 to €5 per person.

Location Map

Click on the red markers for details (name and address)

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