Five people with too much time on their hands

While almost 12 million people tuned in to BBC’s Eastenders last night to learn who had killed Lucy Beale on Good Friday last year, the headlines were about 5 viewers who complained to Ofcom, claiming the mystery was too difficult to solve themselves and bemoaning being given ‘false information’ which ‘misled’ them when trying to work out who killed the character.

The daily headlines just don’t inspire confidence

Supreme Court calls ex-premiers to testify in layoff fund case – Caja Madrid execs “encouraged” to use their undeclared credit cards – Podemos leader visits New York in search of anti-austerity ideas – Union spent millions on trips, food and bonuses during crisis years – PP paid for HQ remodeling using €500,000 of unknown origin – Judge sets €800 million civil bond for former chiefs at Bankia

It’s in the air tonight

This looks rather nifty. Just wonder if you roll over in your sleep! Apart from that, seems ideal and would keep away many unwanted visitors. Jungle Hammock

Cute kitten

If they ever get round to auditioning for Puss in Boots junior, then this cutie might be worth consideration. Kitten