Alleged copper thief electrocuted

A 27 year old man is in the Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Sevilla after being electrocuted while allgedly trying to steal copper wire from an electricity sub-station in Alcalá del Río. The incident occurred at 00:15 on Sunday morning at the sub-station in calle Lavanda. A second alleged robber got away.

Industrial fatality in Alcalá del Río, Sevilla

A 50 year old building worker died on Tuesday after falling ten metres while working on a pergola belonging to an insurance company in the centre of Alcalá del Río, Sevilla. The man was not wearing any form of safety harness at the time of the accident.

Marijuana plantation found in Sevilla

The Guardia Civil in Alcalá del Río, Sevilla, have arrested two people who were operating a large marijuana plantation in their basement.