Drugs arrests in Algeciras

Police in Algeciras have arrested two people and seized 1,500 kilos of ephedrine, the base drug used for the manufacture of methamphetamine.

Search for missing diver in Algeciras

A search is being carried out in the port of Algeciras for a diver who disappeared while carrying out work on a boat anchored in the port. The diver was reported missing at 20:00 on Monday evening.

8.5 tons of hashish seized in Algeciras

Guardia Civil officers in Algeciras have seized a shipment of 8.5 tons of hashish being transported from Tangier by lorry, the drugs hidden between pallets of tomatoes and peppers.

100 kilos of cocaine seized in Algeciras

Customs officers in Algeciras, Cádiz province, have discovered around 100 kilos of cocaine hidden in a container amongst crates of nappies. No arrests have yet been made. The discovery came during routine checks on ‘suspicious’ shipments.

Body of fisherman found in Bay of Algeciras

The body of a fisherman was found in the Bay of Algeciras, Cádiz province, on Saturday afternoon. An investigation is under way to determine the circumstances surrounding the death.

11 arrests in Algeciras for drug trafficking

National Police officers have arrested 11 people and seized 550 kilos of cocaine in Algeciras. The drugs were hidden in a shipment of bananas from Ecuador.

Algeciras sewage plant should be commissioned today

The new sewage plant in Algeciras, which took four years to build and cost €37 million, is expected to start functioning today after the contract for the electricity supply is finalised. The treatment plant is designed to serve a population of up to 212,000.

Heroin shipment seized in Algeciras

A joint operation by Guardia Civil and Inland Revenue officers has resulted in the seizure of 150 kilos of heroin in Algeciras.

Cocaine haul in Algeciras

Police in Algeciras have seized 448 kilos of cocaine hidden inside fake plastic bananas concealed within shipments of real fruit from Ecuador.

50 kilos of cocaine seized in Algeciras

Customs officers have arrested two men this morning who were unloading 50 kilos of cocaine from a pleasure craft in the Saladillo marina in Algeciras. The incident was deemed unusual and a change in modus operandi because it is normally hashish which is brought in aboard pleasure boats, cocaine normally being hidden in containers and smuggled in through the main …