Caminito del Rey opens again

The famous Caminito del Rey trail in El Chorro, near Alora, Malaga, deemed one of the most dangerous trails in the world, will again become one of the most amazing experiences after re-opening on the 29th March

Fatal accident in Álora

Two people died on Wednesday evening after their vehicle plunged eighty metres down a ravine on the outskirts of Álora, Málaga province.

Body of missing elderly man found in Álora

The body of an 85 year-old man, a dementia sufferer, was found last night near the banks of a river in the La Isla area of the municipality, not far from the residential centre where he was living.

New temporary walkway in Álora

The Ministry of Public Works of the Junta de Andalucia has started to construct a temporary 600 metre concrete walkway between between El Puente and Álora station, the walkway to run parallel to the A-343, in order to improve pedestrian safety as the iron bridge linking the two suburbs was washed away in the floods of last September.

Change to rules on horses in Álora

Álora Council has approved an amendment to municipal ordinances which, as from last year, banned residents from riding on horseback through urban areas. After discussions with those affected by the ban, it was decided that it was actually safer for all concerned for horses to be ridden rather than led by the reins.

Young girl dies in Álora

A 14 year old girl died early on Saturday evening in the Paredones district of Álora after falling into a water channel. The incident was reported at 18:50 and although medics tried to revive the girl they were unsuccessful in their efforts. The circumstances surrounding the incident are as yet unknown.

Álora publishes salaries of Councillors

Álora is the latest Council to publish the official remuneration of councillors on its municipal website,, as part of moves to ensure total transparency in municipal accounts.

Body of missing man found in water channel in Álora

The body of an 82 year old man was found on Monday night in a water channel in Álora. The man was reported missing on Sunday morning when his niece discovered he was not in his bedroom. It is thought that the man may have gone for a late night walk and suffered an accident, although the cause of death has …