A Chorus Lines opening night sells out within hours


Within hours of going on sale earlier this week tickets for Antonio Banderas’s A Chorus Line at the Teatro del Soho Caixabank in Malaga were sold out. The 59-year-old Hollywood actor’s production of the popular Broadway show will run starting on November 27th right through until January 19th. The approximately two hours ten-minute show will start at 20:00 Wednesday through …

Banderas plans to do more work in Malaga

antonio banderas in malaga

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas is in Malaga casting for his version of A Chorus Line scheduled to open the Soho theatre in October. “It’s giving me a fantastic problem because there is so much talent,” he says As he takes a short break from the auditions there is now sneaking out the back door or looking for a place where …

Marbella amends PGOU to legalise Banderas villa

Marbella Council has approved an amendment to their PGOU (General Plan) in order to legalise the villa owned by Antonio Banderas. The motion was approved by the PP and IU with the PSOE abstaining.

Antomio Banderas chosen as speaker for Holy Week 2011

The governing body of the Málaga Association of Brotherhoods and Guilds (Agrupación de Cofradías de Málaga) has elected José Antonio Domínguez Bandera (Antonio Banderas) as speaker (pregonero) during Holy Week in 2011, an appointment approved by the Bishop of Málaga, Jesús Catalá.