Apple iPhone 4

Following the furore surrounding poor reception with the new Apple iPhone 4 and the company initially blaming the problem on how people actually hold the phone, Apple have now sent out a letter to all iPhone 4 users after the discovery of a ‘problem’ or ‘mistake’.

Fancy actually wanting to hold it

The new Apple iPhone 4 has come in for some criticism due to a loss of signal strength or connectivity if you actually hold the phone. Apple issues advice to avoid iPhone flaw The casing of the phone is made of stainless steel, which also serves as its antenna, and Apple sells a rubber “bumper” that shields the sensitive area. Shouldn’t …

An Apple a day

Every product or brand has its fans, or ‘fanboys’ in the case of Apple…What it’s like to own an Apple product…

Faulty Apple iPhone 3G adapters

Apple has issued a warning that IPhone 3G owners could be at risk of electric shock from faulty power adapters. The metal prongs on many of the ultra-compact USB adapters sold with the 3G iPhone model could, under certain circumstances, break off, get stuck in the power socket and put the owners at risk.

Problems with iPhones

Apple is working on new software for the iPhone 3G, which went on sale in Spain on June 11th, due to a number of complaints about calls being prematurely terminated.