Avenida Castilla Perez open again

Avenida Castilla Perez is once again open to through traffic, although it looks like it will certainly have to be closed again for a short period at some time, there being a large trench with metal sheeting on top.

Hayastan closing down…

The crafts, clothes, accessories and other sundry items shop Hayastan in avenida Castilla Perez is closing down, items currently at least 50% off. The ‘crisis’ is blamed for the decision to call it a day. On the same street, the second premises used by Lori, the shoe shop, is up for sale.

Finish the word…

Looks like we will soon know what the newly renovated. large premises on avenida Castilla Perez/calle Almeria is going to be. Most of the betting is on another Chinese bazaar, especially as much of the work has been done by Chinese workmen.

Work near Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos

There is work being carried out at the moment at the bottom of avenida Castilla Perez, next to Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos. There is no disruption to traffic.

All For €2

The short-lived Russian shop on avendia Castilla Perez has been replaced by ‘Todos a €2’, everything in the shop being two euros, so no need to ask the price. It is ‘accessories’ –  jewellery, sunglasses etc.

Tragic death in avenida Castilla Perez

Tragedy in avenida Castilla Perez on Sunday evening after a woman died despite numerous attempts at resuscitation by the paramedics. At 21:30 the paramedics were forced to give up their efforts and the woman was pronounced dead.

Restricted traffic on avenida Castilla Perez…

Restricted traffic this morning on avenida Castilla Perez due to work being carried out on avenida Mediterraneo. There is access to calle Málaga but through traffic is being redirected down the small street next to the Serprix supermarket. Even the buses have to go down there!

Another ice cream parlour…

Two empty premises down avenida Castilla Perez now have occupants. One, which used to be a Chinese bazaar, is now occupied by lawyers, the other, which was a shoe shop for a while, is now….another ice cream parlour. Seems that ice cream is the latest growth industry in the town.

New mini-market…

There is a new mini-market on the corner at the bottom of avenida Castilla Perez. MiniMarket Delfin is open all day Sunday. Getting quite a few ‘open on Sunday’ places now, a lot of them in this same area.