Child falls from balcony in Torremolinos

A 23 month old child was injured on Monday after falling into a courtyard from a fourth floor balcony in calle Párroco Florencio Aguilar, Torremolinos. The child was apparently trying to catch a ball when the accident occurred. Despite the height of the fall, the child only suffered injuries to one leg.

11 year old falls to her death from fourth floor balcony

An 11 year old girl has died after falling from the fourth floor balcony of an apartment block in calle Escritor Pedro Messia in the Lepanto district of Córdoba. Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Baby seriously injured in fall from balcony

A 19 month old baby is in a serious condition in the Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital Maternal after falling from the balcony of a first floor apartment in Alfacar, Granada.

Six year old injured in balcony fall

A six year old was seriously injured yesterday after falling from the balcony of his home in Noalejo, Jaén. The accident happened at around 17:45 in calle Alcantarilla, the toddler falling from a height of about six metres. He was rushed to hospital in Granada by air ambulance where his condition is still described as ‘serious;.

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