El Chamiza

Down on calle Mérida, towards the Perla Marina Hotel, the former La Biznaga is now El Chamiza.

Torre de las Guardas

The former Victoria bar on calle Chaparil is now a Spanish cafe/bar called Torre de las Guardas. A beer and a tapa will set you back €1.50.

La Mar Sala

Another new bar, this time at the bottom end of calle Pintada in the premises formerly occupied by Cosmic Art, cerveceria freiduria La Mar Sala.

De Heksenketel/Carpe Diem

De Heksenketel on avenida Mediterraneo (sandwiched between La Fabrica and Las Niñas) only lasted a relatively short time, Carpe Diem now the name on the front.

The Andrea Inn

The Andrea Inn, a nice, friendly tapas bar on calle Jaén has changed hands and without closing in the process. Marianne and Freddy have moved on to a new project, but more about that later.

Bella Atalaya now open

The new cafe/bar Bella Atalaya on avenida de Pescia, next to El Duque and near the bus stop, is open and seems to be doing a good trade, particularly in the morning. It has a nice, large terrace area.

Puerto Madero

The cafe/bar/restaurant Puerto Madero on the corner of calle Merida and avenida Mediterraneo is closed until March.

Adios La Gamba, hola Clipper II

It is only a few weeks since the tapas bar La Gamba on the edge of Plaza Tutti Frutti closed, but it has already reopened as Clipper II.

Robbery at Ronda bar

A bar in calle Jerez, Ronda, was the scene of an attempted robbery, one of a number of such incidents recently but still considered to be isolated cases. On this occasion, the burglars attempted to rob the cash register but found it to be empty and left empty handed.