Falling from the skies

Strange goings on in Arkansas and now Louisiana with birds falling out of the sky in their thousands and 100,000 fish washed up on the Rio Arkansas riverbank…Hundreds more birds fall from the sky – this time in Louisiana

Weather, birdies, holes and stuff…

Very strange weather we’ve been having the past couple of days: sun, cloud, hot Saharan wind, gales. Never knew what it was going to do from one hour to the next. Very muggy today, though.


Maternal instincts

The Kingbird is not a particularly large animal, quite small in fact. The Red-tailed Hawk, on the other hand, is quite large with a wingspan of up to 133 centimetres (52 inches). An amateur photographer managed to capture some shots of the smaller Kingbird, fearful for her young, seeing off its much larger adversary. Strong maternal instincts. The little mum …