Carnaval Ninfas and Momos

Alana María Serrano Shaw is the Nerja Carnival ‘Ninfa’ and Christian David Callejón is the Carnival ‘Momo’ for 2013. The contest took place on Friday evening in the Plaza de España. The junior titles went to 12 year old María Elena Ortiz Hereza and 9 year old Rubén Torrubia Cabra.

Carnival 2013

On Saturday January 26th at 21:00 in the Peña Axarquia is the presentation of this year’s Carnaval poster, which is the work of young local artist Yolanda Pérez.

A bit more Carnival 2011

A few more details about the Carnival this year, the poster for which has been designed by Doble Objetivo and has a photo of Vanesa Moya, Ninfa del Carnaval de Nerja in 2010.

Maro Carnaval

Saturday is Carnaval in Maro, with the procession starting at 17:00 from calle San Miguel. Following the procession, the action is at the Social Centre. At 22:00, there is a second procession culminating in the burial of the ‘Chanquete’ followed by more entertainment in the Social Centre.

Burial of the Sardine in Nerja

Sunday February 14th was not only ‘St Valentine’s Day’ but also the ‘Burial of the Sardine’ (Entierro del Chanquete), an integral part of the Carnaval celebrations in Nerja. Lucky breaks in otherwise bad weather allowed both the normal Carnaval procession and ‘Burial of the Sardine’ to take place almost as scheduled. That is to say, as on time as any …

In case of rain

In the event of rain tomorrow, the Carnival celebrations will move to the marquee in the Plaza de España. The final decision will be taken at 17:00, shortly before the scheduled start of the parade.

About turn…

There are signs up in calle Granada advising no parking due to the upcoming Carnaval procession. As calle Granada is currently closed due to the bottom end being dug up, hope someone hasn’t had the bright idea of leading the procession down there and then trying to back them out! Presumably as the the signs ‘always’ go in calle Granada, …

Nerja Carnaval 2010

The Nerja Council has presented the new Carnaval poster, a composite photo produced by the company Doble Objetivo. Nerja Carnaval takes place from February 11th to 14th.


Carnaval Procession Day, starting at 17:00 and following the route: Calle Antonio Millon, calle Diputacion, calle Granada, Plaza de la Ermita, calle San Miguel, Plaza Cantarero, calle Pintada, calle Puerta del Mar and on to the Paseo Nuevo.