25 immigrants intercepted off Cartagena

Two small boats carrying a total of 25 Algerian male migrants was intercepted on Tuesday evening off the coast of Cartagena. One of the occupants was transferred to hospital after complaining of not feeling well.

Nine arrested for sexual exploitation

Police have arrested nine members of a criminal organisation, led by the clan family ‘Los Toreros’, in connection with the sexual exploitation of 24 young people at two alternative clubs in Cartagena.

Domestic fatality in Los Belones, Cartagena

Guardia Civil and Local Police officers in Cartagena are searching for the husband of a Cuban woman whose body was found at her home in calle Isaac Peral in Los Belones on Wednesday.

11 Algerian immigrants intercepted

Eleven elderly Algerian nationals were intercepted last night about 24 miles from Cartagena, Murcia, as they attempted to reach the Spanish coast in a small, motorless boat.

Good weather for boats

The good weather is encouraging illegal immigrants to make the often perilous journey across the Mediterranean in search of economic gain. Perhaps they haven’t heard that Andalucia has 25% unemployment.

Man kills wife and then commits suicide

A 66 year old man in Cartagena shot and killed his wife last night and then shortly afterwards took his own life using the same weapon, a shotgun.