Restoration of Álora castle

Álora Council has approved a modified draft project and contract specifications for the restoration of the Castillo de Las Torres. The technical criteria were modified after excavations unearthed some surprises, such as some XVI century wall paintings.

Castillo de San Miguel, Almuñecar

Dominating the skyline above the coastal town of Almuñecar, in Granada province, are the ruins of the old Castillo de San Miguel – San Miguel Castle, a once mighty Moorish fortress. The fortifications were originally built in the 1st century B.C. by the Phoenicians and Romans (Lori Sexi is the old Phoenician and Roman name for Almuñecar), but it was during …

A bit of character

Personally, I think street musicians add character and, in some cases, charm to places. These guys were outside the castle in Prague last week. Probably still are!