Mayor of Chipiona under investigation

The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor has decided to lodge a denuncia against the PP Mayor of Chipiona, Cádiz, for alleged irregularities in labour contracts awarded in the municipal company Caepionis.

Two fishermen injured in explosion near Chipiona

Two crew members of a five metre fishing vessel had to be rescued today off playa de Regla in Chipiona after a gas bottle exploded and caused a fire. Both men suffered quite serious burns.

Rubbish mounts up in Chipiona

Around 135 tons of rubbish has accumulated on the streets in Chipiona, Cádiz, as a result of nine days of industrial action by employees of the concessionaire for street cleaning and refuse collection.

No rubbish collection in Chipiona, Cádiz province

Chipiona is facing a third day of strikes by the rubbish collection service as the Council cannot pay the concessionaire and, in turn, the concessionaire cannot pay the outstanding wages of its employees.

Chiringuito demolished in Chipiona

Chiringuito Eduardo on Playa de las Tres Piedras in Chipiona has been demolished. The building was deemed illegal by the Department of Coasts as it infringed upon the public domain.