Coffee at Da Tino

Da Tino is in a good location at the side of the iglesia El Salvador, especially on a windy day. It’s also a relaxing place to just sit and watch the world go by. The service is good, the prices are reasonable….what more could you ask? Coffee is €1.30.

The smell of coffee

A lot of things actually smell much better than they taste, and vice versa in some cases. Interesting, though, to find out Why does coffee never taste as good as it smells?

Worth knowing

This is an interesting and very well presented little piece about coffee, some of which you may not know. So here you are, 15 Things Worth Knowing about Coffee.

Coffees and UFO’s…

I don’t think there will be a third time! A couple of months ago, popped into a newly opened (or newly changed hands) bar and, although the beer and tapa was as it should be, my first impressions were somewhat blighted by the fact that I was short-changed. Not much, but it’s the principle.