Spain gets the €71 million requested

Spain will receive the full €71 million compensation requested as a result of the damage caused to the horticultural industry during the ‘killer cucumber’ fiasco.

Possible first case of E.coli in Spain

A man from Guipuzcoa who spent a few days in Germany and the Czech Republic is in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital Donostia, doctors at the hospital suspecting that he is infected with a variant of the E.coli virus.

E Coli death toll rises to ten

The death toll as a result of the E Coli outbreak in Germany has risen to ten, with another thousand people affected by the bacteria.

Six deaths so far in Europe from E Coli bacteria

Six people have so far died in Germany and thousands have become ill in four European countries following an E Coli outbreak, the source of the infection thought to be organic cucumbers from Málaga and Almeria.