Works at the beach…

Work continues at the junction of Torrecilla and El Chucho beaches, new pipes being laid amongst other things. Had to hold my breath to get the photos, extremely niffy area at the moment!

Out and about April 16th 2013…

El Chucho beach in Nerja has just been flattened and tidied up and is looking rather splendid at the moment. The sea was flat calm and one or two people were swimming at Torrecilla beach.

El Chucho beach, April 17th 2012

The weather of the past few days, strong winds and heavy seas, has not been kind to El Chucho beach, as usual. This situation will not change, of course, until (or if) the Department of Coasts authorise and install breakwaters.

El Chucho beach, March 27th 2012

Restoration work has already started on El Chucho beach which was very badly damaged by bad weather, as usual. The western, Torrecilla end is almost non-existent at the moment.

Council to request repairs to El Chucho beach

It is less than three weeks until Semana Santa and Nerja, along with neighbouring Torrox and other municipalities, are waiting on the Department of Coasts to say whether they are going to carry out the perennial sand replenishment of storm damaged beaches.

Storm damage to El Chucho beach

The recent, fairly mild storm has destroyed much of El Chucho beach although Torrecilla beach has remained relatively unscathed apart from a narrow sand ‘shelf’. This situation will continue until such time as adequate breakwaters are put in place.

Looking flatter

El Chucho beach is looking a lot flatter now, although it does seem to be more earth than sand. Perhaps sand will be placed on top at a later stage.

El Chucho beach being repaired

The Department of Coasts is busy bringing in tons of sand to regenerate El Chucho beach, badly damaged by the tides and winter weather. The beach had been reduced to a very thin strip with a steep shelf.

Beach erosion

The erosion of the beaches, due to weather and tides, is a permanent feature of coastal life and will remain so until the necessary breakwaters are installed. Part of the eastern end (Plaza Fabrica de los Cangrejos) of Torrecilla beach has disappeared and there is a shelf, but the remainder of the area is nice and flat.