Euribor at record low

The Euribor rate, the main reference for mortgage calculations in Spain, is going to finish the month of August at 0.8%, the lowest ever figure.

Euribor at its lowest rate ever

The Euribor rate, used for the calculation of mortgage repayment rates, has dropped below 0.9% for the first time in its history (it is just over ten years old), ending today at 0.897%.

Euribor closes June at 2.144%

The Euribor rate, the indicator most used in Spain for calculating mortgages, fell in June to 2.144%, the first decline for five months. It is still, however, well above the June 2010 rate of 1.281%.

Euribor closes February at 1.711%

The Euribor has ended February at 1.711%, the highest rate for 20 months and the seventh consecutive monthly increase.

Euribor closes at 1.545%

The twelve-month Euribor, the indicator most widely used for calculating mortgage rates, closes January 2011 at 1.545, the highest monthly rate since June 2009. This will make average mortgages more expensive by €20 per month compared to one year ago.

Euribor closes at 1.540%

The twelve-month Euribor rate has closed in November at 1.540%, the highest since June 2009, and this will mean that the December mortgage review will result in increased repayments of around €21 per month (€252 per year) on an average mortgage of €150,000 taken out in November 2009 over a period of 25 years with a spread of 0.25%.

Euribor at new record low

The Euribor, the main indicator for calculating mortgages, closed for November at 1.231%, the lowest on record.

Ups and downs

The Euribor is up and down like a yoyo at the moment, although never by much. Seems to be stabilising a bit. The pound sterling is doing a bit better.

On the up?

The Euribor has been slowly rising for the past few days.

Euribor dips to 1.993%

The rate of decline has been a lot slower recently, but the Euribor rate has now dipped under the 2%, standing at 1.993% today.