April is full of events for food lovers


As each year goes by more and more events pop up in the towns and villages around Malaga in order to celebrate the local food and gastronomy. April is a popular month for festivals that celebrate food with the first kicking off in the Hoya de Málaga valley town of Casarabonela to celebrate the Día del Pipeo. Pipeo is curious …

The Great Festival of Water and Foam in Nerja

Festival of Water & Foam Nerja

Nerja Youth Councillor Sara Rivas together with Councillor Cristina Fernandez and the President of the Neighbourhood Association José Miguel Ortuño announced the date of this year’s water festival.   This year’s celebration is being called the Great Feast of Water and foam and is claimed to be a great fun filled activity for infants, teens and adults. The party starts …

IX Fiesta de la Zanahoria Morá

The municipality of Cuevas Bajas in Málaga province celebrated its IX Fiesta de la Zanahoria Morá (Festival of the Mora Carrot), an event which attracted around 7,000 visitors.

IX Fiesta del Monfí

Thousands of people attended the IX Fiesta del Monfí in the small village of Cútar at the weekend, enjoying a medieval market, local delicacies, falconry and horse riding exhibitions, dancing and other activities.

Verbena de San Cristobál 2011

The local Verbena de San Cristobál takes place in the Barriada de los Poetas in Nerja on Saturday July 8th.

Fiesta de los Rondeles in Casarabonela

The town of Casarabonela will be celebrating the twenty-fifth edition of its popular Fiesta de los Rondeles on December 10th, 11th and 12th, with workshops, gastronomic delights and the procession of the Virgin.

American Independence Day in Macharaviaya

The municipality of Macharaviaya will be celebrating the Fiesta de la Independencia Americana (American Independence Day) a day early, on Saturday July 3rd.

Fiesta time in Benamocarra

Tomorrow, Thursday October 15th, sees the start of festivities in Benamocarra in celebration of the patron of the town, Santísimo Cristo de la Salud.

Verbena de San Cristóbal in Nerja

Tomorrow and Saturday is the local Verbena de San Cristóbal in Nerja which is being held in the Barriada de Los Poetas.