Inauguration of memorial in the San Rafael cemetery

The San Rafael cemetery in Málaga, the site of the largest mass graves of the Franco era in Spain, now has an official memorial to the more than 4,400 people known to have been executed there by the forces of the former dictator.

Demand for investigation into ‘stolen babies’

More than two hundred people turned up on Thursday at the State Attorney General’s Office to request the opening of a criminal investigation into the so-called ‘stolen babies’, denouncing the existence of some 300,000 such cases in Spain.

El Classico

In 1943, outraged at Barcelona’s 3-0 win at the Nou Camp in the first leg of the Copa del Generalissimo, as it was then known, General Franco, an ardent Real Madrid fan, sent his staff to have a quiet word with the Catalan players before the return leg. Barca lost the second leg 11-1.

Civil War legacy in San Rafael cemetery, Málaga

After three years hard work, the Ministry of Justice and the Mayor of Málaga have submitted a 3,800 page report detailing the remains of Civil War victims discovered in the San Rafael cemetery.

Ronda to remove Franco mural

Ronda Council has voted unanimously to remove a mural dedicated to the former dicator General Franco, the offending article being in avenida Ricardo Navarrete. In keeping with much of the country, most vestiges of the Franco era are being removed and, in many cases, streets are being renamed.

Huelva ditches Franco

Huelva Council has voted unanimously to withdraw the Provincial Gold Medal awarded to General Franco, remove him as honourary President of the Council and remove all symbols and other distinctions relating to the Franco era. The various honours were awarded at a time when the country was under a dictatorship and the Councils were not democratically elected. Slowly but surely, …

Franco summer residence to open to the public

The Galician government has approved a decree to make the Pazo de Meirás, located in Sada, a site of cultural and historical interest. The building, owned by the Franco family since 1939, was the summer residence of the dictator.

Santander removes last equestrian statue of Franco

The town of Santander, ruled by the Partido Popular, has removed the last existing equestrian statue of the former dictator, General Francisco Franco. The statue was installed in 1964 and in 2004, the decision was made to remove it. Things move quickly. One statue of Franco, without horse, still remains and although the Council has agreed to its removal, no …