Making life easier

From the novel, such as a self-heated butter knife, to adjustable scissors and an oven rack guard to prevent you burning your little mittens, there are some pretty good items here. 19 amazingly creative products

Innovative ideas

Some of these already exist in certain parts of the world and others are just concept ideas hoping to go into production. Quite innovative some of them. Innovative ideas

Get your geek on for Christmas

All sorts of weird and wonderful gift ideas here, from Star Wars LIGHT UP Chop Sabers and Mr Spock Oven Glove to a Titanium Spork and Camara Lens Shotglasses. Home and Office

A few home gadgets

There are a few interesting, useful, decorative or fun gadgets here: Gadgets for the home

For something a bit different

Novel gadgets for all occasions, from an armadillo beverage holder to a Tardis teapot. Unusual and Unique Gifts

From USB rocket launchers to phones

Quite an interesting selection of gadgets and other tech items gathered together here, some very useful and others just a bit of fun. Interesting Stuff