Changing with the times

Google seems to be having more effect, or influence at least, on our lives as each day passes. In France, in Normandy to be more precise, is the little market town of Eu, population 8,000. The town is the site of a nice little chateau and the powers that be are keen to attract visitors. However, ‘Googling’ Eu tends to …


Google suffered a mild case of embarrassment on Saturday after a human error resulted in all search results coming up with the legend ‘this site may harm your computer’.

Google amend Chrome EULA

Google has reworded the EULA (End User License Agreement) for its new Chrome browser, saying that the clause claiming rights to anything and everything published via the browser was an ‘oversight’.

Cuil – pronounced ‘cool’

Every so often, a new search engine appears on the scene claiming to be bigger and better than the mighty Google, the latest being Cuil.