A laugh a day keeps the doctor away

Sometimes you just need a good belly laugh to brighten up the day, which was easily achieved when reading that former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is reportedly hoping to take on the £270,000-a-year role as head of the International Monetary Fund.

Mr Bean finally admits the truth

The UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has admitted that the persistent claims he made in the House of Commons and in evidence to Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq Inquiry were incorrect.

With friends like these….

Meanwhile, back in Scamalot, Lord Sleaze is reported as stating in an email that Mr Bean is: insecure, self-conscious physically and emotionally, uncomfortable in his skin and angry This email was leaked just one day after Lord Sleaze stated: good-humoured Mr Bean was the best man to lead the Labour Party and Britain. The email was, according to Lord Sleaze, …

Hasty reshuffle as Mr Bean clings to power

The enigmatic unelected and beleagured Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, does at least have one staunch supporter as he hastily reshuffles his cabinet, himself. Ignoring calls to resign from his own Cabinet members, MP’s, party members and almost the entire population of the UK, he has now resorted to including in government seven equally non-elected peers, a tv reality star (Alan …

You have to laugh

Not so long ago, there was much debate as to whether the boxed DVD set of classic films given to Mr Bean by President Barack Obama was a suitable gift. Apparently, Mr Bean sat down to watch one of these classics and was greeted with the words ‘wrong region’. The DVD’s are only for the North American market. According to …

Mr Bean goes to Washington

American pundits in Washington are saying that President Barack Obama is looking ‘drawn’, ‘tired’ and has been ‘overwhelmed’ by his first 100 days in office, and this is being touted as one of the reasons for the apparent ‘off-hand’ reception given recently to Mr Bean. Some are already starting to joke about an increase in presidential grey hairs since he …

Who started the Mr Bean thing?

So, who started the (rather apt) Mr Bean / Gordon Brown references? Some credit the Liberal Democrat Vincent ‘Vince’ Cable as being the man who made the parallel famous on November 28th 2007.