Hasty reshuffle as Mr Bean clings to power

The enigmatic unelected and beleagured Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, does at least have one staunch supporter as he hastily reshuffles his cabinet, himself.

Ignoring calls to resign from his own Cabinet members, MP’s, party members and almost the entire population of the UK, he has now resorted to including in government seven equally non-elected peers, a tv reality star (Alan Sugar), a WAG (Glenis Kinnock) and a man who faced a criminal investigation into sleaze, Peter Hain, as he attempts to bring the country totally to its knees.

Serial flipper Alistair Darling remains Chancellor while Peter Mandelson, shamed out of office on several occasions, becomes Deputy Prime Minister in all but name. That should about do it! Credit, though, as it’s not easy to shuffle when you don’t have a full deck.

Has the thought crossed Mr Bean’s mind (albeit it would be a lonely journey) that his best bet would be to install himself in all the Cabinet posts, then he wouldn’t be troubled by further resignations or rebellion.

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