EU threatens Spain over the hunting of protected birds

The European Union has given Spain two months to bring its laws into line with the rest of the EU regarding the hunting of protected species. The birds in question include the goldfinch, the common linnet, the European serin, the finch and the greenfinch.   The Commission has demanded that Spain discontinue hunting the birds with nets and that the …

New draft road traffic law to be debated

A new draft road traffic law is currently ready for debate in Congress and it turns an existing law on its head. Currently, a driver is only considered responsible for an accident involving game if they have violated driving regulations. If the incident was a result of a hunting expedition that pushed the animals onto the road, or poor fencing …

Raccoons and parakeets in for a bad time in Madrid

The Madrid regional government of Madrid has approved the capture and killing of any specimen of raccoon, monk parakeet and rose-ringed parakeet, as it considers these to be a threat to endemic flora and fauna.

Antequera hunters unhappy

Hunting societies in the Antequera area have expressed their concern to the Andalucia Hunting Federation about plans by ADIF to contract a company to carry out the pest control of rabbits who have made their homes near the AVE high-speed rail lines.

Red Fox hunting in the snow

Marvellous video of a red fox hunting in the snow, using sound to locate its supper. And the funny walk…and the dive…brilliant.