Government to temporarily reduce IVA on new homes

The government has announced plans to try to tackle the severe problems facing its housing market by temporarily halving the sales tax (IVA) on new homes to 4% to try to stimulate the construction sector.

July 1st – Price Hike Day

Tomorrow is July 1st and most of us will begin to feel a little poorer as IVA goes up, natural gas prices go up and the price of butane gas bottles also increases. Electricity prices are not going up tomorrow, but it won’t be long.

Chiringuitos in Andalucia will not apply IVA hike

The president of the Federación Andaluza de Empresarios de Playas (Faeplayas), Norberto del Castillo, has said that chiringuitos in Andalucia will not be applying the July 1st IVA increase from 16% to 18%.

Prices set to rise…

Not long now until the rate of IVA (VAT) goes up by two points and we see the inevitable price rises. There will no doubt be those who merely adjust their prices to maintain their existing profit margin, some who add a bit more for luck and those who just see an opportunity to make more profit. Human nature.

18 arrested in VAT fraud

Eighteen people have been arrested in connection with a multi-million euro VAT fraud, the detentions taking place in Málaga, Madrid, Granada and Melilla.

New Year prices

The new year heralds a couple of price increases but it’s not all bad news as pensions and the minimum wage both increase and the cost of a Telefonica landline remains frozen for the second year running.

IVA rates set to rise

The Spanish Cabinet has approved the Government proposals to increase IVA (VAT) rates, remove the €400 income tax rebate and increase taxation on savings income as part of the State Budget.