5,000 evacuated from their homes on La Gomera

Almost a quarter of the population of La Gomera, around 5,000 people, have had to be evacuated from their homes as the forest fire continues to ravage the island.

Fire on La Gomera still out of control

A forest fire which began yesterday on La Gomera has already destroyed 3,000 hectares of land and the authorities believe it will be at least 24 hours before it can be brought under control.

Search for missing storm victims

Two people are missing, one on La Gomera and one Tenerife as a result of severe storms currently lashing the Canary Islands.

Third immigrant from La Gomera boat dies

A third immigrant on board the dugout which arrived in Playa de Santiago near Alajeró, La Gomera, yesterday has died in hospital. The boat, which had set off from Guinea-Conakry ten days earlier, arrived in the Canaries with two passengers, one of them a baby, already dead and several others suffering from hyperthermia. The 125 would-be immigrants were crammed into …

Two bodies amongst new arrivals

A dugout has arrived in Playa de Santiago near Alajeró, La Gomera with 125 people on board, two of whom had died en route to the Canaries. The boat made it all the way to the island without being spotted or intercepted.

151 illegals arrive on La Gomera

Two cayucos arrived on the island of La Gomera yesterday carrying a total of 151 passengers trying to immigrate through irregular channels.

Fires on La Gomera

Fires on the island of La Gomera have so far damaged an estimated 700 hectares of land near the Garajonay National Park.