Tapas at the enlarged La Taberna

Nothing much has changed in La Taberna really, except for being larger after taking over the old Sardina Alegre and prices going up slightly. Same friendly service.

La Taberna is open again

The excellent restaurant and tapas bar La Taberna in calle Cristo, Nerja, has reopened after extensive renovation. It is now much larger, having absorbed the former Sardina Alegre restaurant next door.

Tapas at La Taberna, Ronda

Many, if not most, of the bars and restaurants in the centre of Ronda offer a plate of mixed tapas – usually four cold and four hot – for a fairly standard price of €10 or, in some cases now, for €9. So, ‘when in Ronda…’ as they say.

La Taberna closed for holidays

La Taberna, excellent tapas bar and restaurant in calle Cristo, Nerja, is currently closed for holidays.

Lunchtime tapas at La Taberna

La Taberna on calle Cristo is always a good place to stop for a lunchtime tapas. On this occasion I had skate in a tasty batter with tomato salad. Well cooked fish, juicy and the batter was excellent. Beer and a tapas now €1.90.

Tapas at La Taberna

La Taberna on calle Cristo is definitely in my Top Ten tapas bars in Nerja, although compiling any such list is not easy given the huge number of great places. La Taberna has a large selection and wide variety of meat, fish and salad tapas on offer.

La Taberna

La Taberna, excellent tapas bar in calle Cristo, is currently closed for vacations, but should be open again at the beginning of February.

Carabeo 34 closed until April…

The Hotel Carabeo 34 and Restaurant 34 are both closed until April. Stopped at La Taberna on calle Cristo on my (extensive) travels today, what a great place. Excellent selection of tapas, friendly and bubbly staff and only €1.50 for a tapas and a beer. And the portions were very good. They even do a pil pil as a tapas. …