Wiped from the map

The Council is to request the Ministry of Tourism and Trade of the Junta de Andalucia to withdraw from circulation a cultural and tourist guide and map of Andalucia, published by Turismo Andaluz, as the town of Nerja has been omitted.

London Tube map

Here is a test site for a London Tube map which is purported to be more geographically correct. You can pan, zoom etc on this test map. Does a tube map really need to be geographically accurate as the main thing is to list the stops? Tube Map

Mass animal deaths – map

Mass deaths of birds and fish appear to be occurring all over the place at the moment, thousands of blackbirds falling from the skies in Arkansas and Louisiana, 500 jackdaws found dead on a road in Sweden, hundreds of thousands of fish being washed up on various shores…Mass Animal Deaths – Google Maps

Latest leaks

The Wikileaks Iraq war logs provide a unique picture of every death in Iraq. These events have been mapped using Google Fusion tables Wikileaks Iraq war logs: every death mapped

How do I get to….

Even with Google, the answers may not always come out as you expect. Someone attempting to get directions using Google Maps was presented with a rather intriguing Stage 48. I suppose in some ways you can’t actually fault it, just comes as a bit of a surprise.