Map showing Civil War mass graves in Andalucia is released

A map is now available on DVD showing the location of the 614 mass graves uncovered in Andalucia from the Spanish Civil War and after, the pits containing the bodies of over 47,000 victims.

The graves are located in 359 municipalities and around 50% of the exhumed bodies have been formally identified.

  • Almeria: 373 victims
  • Córdoba: 9.579 victims
  • Cádiz: 3.021 victims
  • Granada :5.500 victims
  • Huelva: 6.019 victims
  • Jaén: 2.879 victims
  • Málaga: 7.471 victims
  • Sevilla: 12.507 victims

The idea in releasing the map is to increase social awareness about the need for preservation and to afford dignity to those who died in the struggle for freedom and equality.

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