Microsoft to update Surface tablets

Microsoft is in the process of updating its range of Surface tablets following disappontingly weak sales of the original models, the updates to include faster processors and higher-resolution screens and cameras.

Google versus Microsoft in Seattle

A trial involving Microsoft and Google’s Motorola unit has begun in the USA and could clear up a common topic of contention in recent patent battles. The firms dispute how much should be paid for a licence to use innovations necessary to be able to offer industry standard technologies, known as Frand-type patents.

Microsoft unveils to replace Hotmail

Microsoft is updating its Hotmail service to make it ready for tablets and Windows 8, at the same time emphasising that, unlike Google, it doesn’t sell information to advertisers.

Microsoft buys Yammer

Microsoft has has bought the office social network site Yammer for $1.2b billion. Yammer, which has five million users, operates on a similar basis to Facebook but for communication within companies. Last year it bought the communications business Skype and is busy integrating it into its products, including its Office software which contributed 60% of its profits last year.

Trying to get people up to date

From January 2012, Internet Explorer users will be automatically updated to the latest version of the browser as Microsoft starts a project to update millions of machines to, amongst other things, improve online security.

Role reversal

In what is being seen as a sort of role reversal, software giant Microsoft is taking an anti-competition complaint against search giant Google to the European Commission. The software maker claims that Google used its dominant position in the search market to restrict the growth of Microsoft services. In 2003, an EC ruling determined that Microsoft had unfairly advantaged its …

Final version of IE9

The final version of Microsoft’s new web browser, IE9, will be available for public download as from early on Tuesday morning. IE9 was first released to the public in beta form a little over a year ago, and the company claims that the new program’s speed and security will change users’ perception of the web and even foster the creation …

Microsoft and Nokia sign deal

Mobile phone company Nokia has confirmed a much-rumoured deal with the software giant Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 will now become Nokia’s primary smartphone operating system.

Microsoft to introduce free anti-virus software

Microsoft is planning to abandon its all-in-one security package, OneCare, as from June 2009 and instead offer a free anti-virus program which people can download. The new software will support Windows XP, Vista and the new Windows 7. It will be a no-frills affair, aimed at the lower end of the market. Sales of the OneCare package, launched in May …