Boats still trying to reach Spain

A search was launched this morning to try and locate a small boat carrying thirty migrants which had set off from Morocco.

A return to Moroccan waters

The fishermen of Barbate and Conil will be returning to Moroccan waters after a three-year break following the EU rejection of an extension to the existing fishing agreement with Morocco.

Meeting to try and unblock fishing agreement with Morocco

The Joint Fisheries Committee is meeting in Rabat to try and unlock the fishing agreement between Morocco and the EU, technical details apparently delaying the return of Andalucian boats to the fishing grounds.

Fishing agreement still not in effect

King Mohamed VI has reportedly still not signed the new fishing agreement between the EU and Morocco, despite ratification by Brussels and Rabat and publication of the document in the official gazettes of Morocco and the European Union.

King of Morocco ratifies fishing agreement

King Mohamed VI of Morocco has finally ratified the fishing agreement reached with the EU, paving the way for Spanish fishermen to return to Moroccan waters.

Tomatoes on the EU menu

Agriculture ministers of the EU are meeting today, Wednesday, to discuss the Moroccan tomato situation. Spain is asking for improved controls to prevent Moroccan tomatoes reaching the EU market at prices below those stipulated in the trade agreement.

False alarm on Parsley Island

Guardia Civil officers landed on Perejil Island (Parsley Island), a 1.5 square kilometre piece of rock about one hundred metres off the coast of Morocco and under Spanish control since 1668, after Moroccan activists claimed to have occupied the island and hoisted two Moroccan flags.

Damage to fishing industry estimated at 30 million plus

The Minister of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs, Rosa Aguilar, believes that the EU ban on fishing in Moroccan waters due to the failure to reach a new agreement will cost the Spanish fishing industry around €30 million.