Mayor or MP, the choice has to be made

Following the judgement of the Constitutional Court that it is incompatible to be both a Mayor and an MP in Andalucia, five PP Mayors have already made their decisions.

Time to choose

Members of the Andalucian parliament who are also mayors will have a maximum of one month to decide which of the two functions they wish to pursue once the Law of Incompatibility is published in the Official Gazette.

And still nothing changes

Sir Stuart Bell, Labour MP for Middlesbrough, is under pressure from the Labour hierarchy to explain himself following claims that constituents are unable to contact him. Sir Stuart readily admits he has not held a local constituency surgery since 1997 and has no office in his constituency, despite paying his wife Margaret £35,000 a year to work as his office …

About sums it up

Excellent comment from someone in the papers concerning the MP’s expenses debacle: The decent thing would be to resign – Oh sorry forgot he’s New Labour – Two fingers to the the electorate then!