High-rise tower block and hotel to be built on Malaga Bus Station site


As a way of financing a new underground bus station on the other side of María Zambrano train station, Malaga will allow the building of a 29-floor office tower and a 19 story hotel. According to plans commissioned by city hall, Malaga is moving ahead with plans to build a new bus station which will be financed by money raised …

New 20 Euro note

The new twenty euro note issued by the European Central Bank comes into circulation on Wednesday November 25th 2015. And before anyone comments, the new note does not have ‘specimen’ printed on it.

Buddy’s Bar

The former Speakeasy on calle Málaga reopened at 17:00 on Monday as Buddys Bar. Not too many changes with the interior. Beer is €1.50 to give an idea of prices and food is served from 12:00 each day.

New shops

The latest growth industries appear to be fruit shops and bakers/cake shops with quite a few springing up in recent months. The latest arrivals are a(nother) fruit shop on calle Diputación and a pasteleria in avenida Castilla Perez, opposite calle Manuel Marín and replacing the former Anichi fashion shop.

Keeping up to date

The English language is constantly evolving as society changes, and this is reflected in some of the words being added to the Oxford English Dictionary. So, what is Frankenfood when it’s at home? Deriving from Frankenstein, quite obviously, it is defined by the OED as: Noun (derogatory): a food that contains genetically modified ingredients. Other new entries include: