Enjoy a night of culture from the couch while under coronavirus lockdown

New York’s Metropolitan Opera

After being in the house during coronavirus lockdown, you may be looking for an interesting diversion to help the time pass by. Instead of making do with a movie or series that you’ve seen before, why not have a cultural evening with the difference? Now you can take advantage some of the world’s most famous theatres and their free streaming …


It’s an easy mistake to make and probably happens all over the place. Oprah Winfrey: We will miss you

Alien opera

The first ever Klingon opera is under way in The Hague, Netherlands. The production is at the Zeebelt Theatre and is being performed entirely in Klingon by the Terran Research Ensemble. There are more people in the world who speak Klingon than Esperanto, the hotch-potch language which never really took off, not that that says a lot.