Altadis to close factory in Cádiz

The tobacco company Altadis in Cádiz will close permanently at the end of April, with six employees transferring to the Logroño plant and the rest taking early retirement.

Poland adds to Airbus order

Good news for the small Airbus Military plant in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz province, as Poland orders five more aircraft, making 17 in total. The El Puerto de Santa María plant makes part of the wings and rudder, although the assembly work is done in Sevilla.

Driver ends up in a lake

A van driver in Poland, religiously following his SatNav system, ended up submerged in a lake! About three years ago, the road had been so badly damaged through flooding that the authorities turned the area into a small lake. At the time of the ‘incident’, it was a dark night, the driver was more than a little worse for wear …