Priest jailed as preventative measure

A judge has ordered the provisional imprisonment of the 40-year-old priest, director of the Salesionos College in Cádiz, following the accusations of corporal punishment, threats and non-consensual touching of over forty young pupils at the school.

Priest in trouble for shooting at pigeons

A parish priest in Puebla de Don Fadrique, Granada province, has been denounced by SEPRONA for shooting at pigeons from the steeple of his church.

Priest arrested in Valencia on suspicion of child abuse

The Archdiocese of Valencia has withdrawn all pastoral ministries, including the ability to officiate at Mass, of a 39-year-old priest who has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse against at least two minors.

Funeral of José María Javierre

Cardinal Amigo Vallejo will officiate today at the funeral in Sevilla of priest, journalist and author José María Javierre who died yesterday at the age of 85 years.