Cheaper to buy a home in Spain than to rent?

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According to new calculations made regarding the cost of renting an apartment in 15 major Spanish cities, it is now cheaper to buy a property than it is to rent. In none of the cities looked at did the cost of a mortgage equal more than 31% of an average family’s earnings. report, published by global real estate agency Century …

What you need to know about Spain’s Rent law changes for 2019

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Spain has just released a new set of rules regarding rental properties which give homeowners the power to veto short-term rentals in their communities while also helping to protect people who rent.   The new laws, however, may not have fully addressed the problem of ever-increasing rent in certain parts of the country. No set price The current government has …

Council studying offer to rent out the trams

The Council is studying an offer from an Australian city to rent the three trams currently sitting doing nothing in the town since the suspension of the tram service in June 2012.