Animal rescue in Rincón de la Victoria

The Animal Health Service Parque Zoosanitario in Rincón de la Victoria rescued, captured or collected a total of 450 animals during 2013, these being animals which were lost, abandoned or being mistreated.

Indoor swimming pool for Rincón de la Victoria

Rincón de la Victoria Council has approved the allocation of one million euros this year to enable the start of construction of an indoor swimming pool and a multi-sports facility to be located in Huerta Julián.

Cliff clean-up

Work is being carried out to clean up the cliff area between La Cala de Moral and Rincón de la Victoria, and around 100 kilos of urban rubbish per day is being removed.

Christmas hampers for the needy

A total of 200 Christmas hampers have been delivered to families in Rincón de la Victoria, hopefully making Christmas a little more special for those suffering hardship during the continuing economic crisis. The social wing of the La Caixa Foundation contributed 144 of the hampers, which contain a dozen Christmas products.

XIII Pets Contest in Rincón de la Victoria

A total of 170 animals, including dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes and birds, participated in the XIII Pets Contest in Rincón de la Victoria at the weekend.

Driver trapped after car overturns

A driver was trapped in his car on Sunday evening after it rolled over several times at kilomtere 261 of the A-7 between Chilches and Rincón de la Victoria.

Another round of payments to suppliers

Rincón de la Victoria Council has approved emergency measures to pay more than 2,000 bills outstanding to a total of 214 companies for a total amount of 12.2 million euros.

Changes to rubbish collection service

Rincón de la Victoria is the first municipality to stop night collection of rubbish from containers, a move the Council believes will save them €973,000 per year.

Council sets target of 50,000 residents by 2015

Rincón de la Victoria Council has set a goal of having 50,000 people registered on the local census (padrón) by the year 2015, a figure which means they could have 25 Councillors rather than 21 as at present.