Fire in calle Chaparil

A 66 year old man suffered smoke inhalation as the result of a fire last night in his home in calle Chaparil.

Fire in Córdoba

Four people, including two children, had to be evacuated from their fourth-floor apartment in calle Jiménez Amigo in Córdoba after a fire broke out on Friday night.

Fire in La Cala del Moral

A 33 year old man needed hospital treatment for smoke inhalation after being trapped in his home in Rincón de la Victoria after fire broke out in the building.

Fire in Sevilla apartment block

A fire in an apartment block in calle Francisco de Ariño, Sevilla, early this morning necessitated the evacuation of 22 families from their homes.

Fire at warehouse in Antas, Almería

Four workers at a warehouse on the ‘El Real’  industrial estate in Antas, Almería, suffered injuries as a result of smoke inhalation following a fire in the building.