January job losses

Registered unemployment in Spain rose in January 2015 with 77,980 new jobless claims, but the Government spin is that it was the smallest increase for a January since 2007.

Arrests throughout Spain in drugs bust

The National Police have broken up a Moroccan organisation involved in distributing significant quantities of drugs throughout Europe, with arrests taking place in Madrid, Granada, Burgos, Algeciras (Cádiz), Guadalajara, Barcelona, Córdoba, Ceuta and Málaga.

AVE network set for record expansion in 2015

The year 2015, coincidentally an election year, is set to see an unprecedented expansion in the amount allocated to high-speed rail infrastructure, up by 48% on 2014.

So-called Google Tax comes into force

The reform of the intellectual property laws, nicknamed the ‘Google Tax’ by the Government, came into effect today, Spain becoming the first country in the world to make payment for linking to Spanish news sites, amongst others, non-optional.

Uber closes it service in Spain

The car-share and taxi application Uber has closed its service in Spain in compliance with a judicial ruling made on December 9th following a complaint by the Taxi Association.

Poor olive harvest confirmed

The olive harvest, which started early this year, is expected to be one of the worst in recent decades, with oil anticipated to be down by 40% on the average for the past five years.

RENFE rail strike

As is invariably the case with strikes and protests, there was a slight difference in the figures presented by the two sides, the rail network operator RENFE and the CGT union, as to the level of participation in Friday’s industrial action.