Extension to test period for Torrox speed trap

In a change of plan, the DGT will not now start issuing fines for excessive speed in the tunnel on the A-7 in Torrox, Málaga province, until March 1st 2011, effectively extending the test period.

Asleep at the wheel

Nineteen year old Emily Davies, described as a ‘model driver’, was more than a little surprised to get a £60 speeding fine in the post for being clocked at 7mph over the 30mph speed limit outside her house. Especially as at the time of the alleged incident, Emily was fast asleep in bed.


In the UK, it’s fixed speed-trap cameras, in America it’s cameras at traffic lights. Automated systems, tickets going out to offenders without having to involve any actual policing. Both systems have been highly successful….at raking in money, but as to whether either actually contributes to road safety, the jury is still out on that one.