Swine Flu fatality in Málaga

A 26 year old pregnant woman has died at the Hospital Materno Infantil in Málaga as a result of swine flu, the eighth fatality in the province and the first involving pregnancy. The doctors decided to perform a cesarean section to try and save the baby but were unsuccessful.

Warning to footballers

Footballers have been warned that spitting on the pitch during matches could raise the risk of spreading swine flu. The Health Protection Agency believe the habit of spitting could increase the risk of passing on infections. Players from Blackburn and Bolton have shown signs of the virus ahead of their Carling Cup matches this week. Would it not be a …

Ninth Influenza A fatality in Spain

A 28 year old woman admitted to the ICU of the Hospital 9 de Octubre in Valencia on Monday has become the ninth fatality as a result of complications arising from Inflenza A.

Two more Swine Flu fatalities

Two people died on Thursday as a result of Influenza A, bringing the total of number of deaths in Spain from the virus to four.

First Swine Flu fatality in Spain

A 20 year old North African woman has died as a consequence of the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus, the first fatality in Spain.

Russian pork ban criticised

The Minister of Environment, Elena Espinosa, has criticised Russia’s decision to ban the import of Spanish pork, calling it unjustified.

Info centres at Spanish airports

The Ministries of Health and Social Services, in conjunction with the Red Cross, have agreed to set up 44 information booths at 35 Spanish airports to inform passengers and the public about ‘swine flu’.

Russia bans Spanish pork imports

Russia has banned the import of pork and its derivatives from Spain in the wake of the ‘swine flu’ outbreak. The ban covers the import of ‘live’ pigs and meat or derivatives which have not been heat-treated at a temperature of 80 degrees celsius for a period of at least 30 minutes. Spain is considered a secondary risk region by …

10 confirmed cases of swine flu in Spain

The Minister of Health, Trinidad Jiménez, stated on Wednesday afternoon that there are now ten confirmed cases of ‘swine flu’ in Spain. One of these is the first ‘indirect’ infection of someone who has not traveled to mexico. All the new confrimed cases are in Cataluña. In addition to these ten, there are a further 53 people under observation in …