Thief dies after failed bag snatch

Police are searching for three people, a man and two women, in connection with the death in Fuengirola of a thief who had just stolen a bag from a middle-aged woman on her way to work.

All fall down

Being trendy and having low slung jeans is not always the best way to go as this thief found out to his cost.

Never really off duty

A Guardia Civil officer from Madrid, on holiday in Torremolinos, was instrumental in detaining an individual who was allegedly robbing bathers at the beach.

It’s a topsy-turvy world

Simon Cremer, who owns a carpet fitting firm, discovered that one of his workers, a sub-contractor, had stolen one of his cheques, forged his signature and duly taken £845 from his bank account. None too pleased, more so in the current economic climate, Mr Cremer and several of his staff apprehended the thief when he turned up at the office, …