Never really off duty

A Guardia Civil officer from Madrid, on holiday in Torremolinos, was instrumental in detaining an individual who was allegedly robbing bathers at the beach.

The officer noticed the individual behaving suspiciously near unguarded items belonging to bathers on the beach and notified the authorities via the 122 service.

The officer then identified himself as a police officer, at which point the alleged thief tried to flee. With the help of Local Police officers, the alleged thief was eventually subdued and apprehended, but not before he had tried to assault the Guardia Civil officer with a bottle.

The alleged thief was arrested and, in addition to the theft charge, was also charged with disobedience, verbal abuse, threats and assaulting a police officer.

Article 27 of the Guardia Civil Code:

It will always be your duty to pursue and capture anyone who causes injury to, or steals from, another, and to avoid any conflict.

Será siempre de su obligación, perseguir, y capturar a cualesquiera que cause herida, o robe a otro, y evitar toda riña

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