‘Nigerian lottery’ scammers arrested in Torremolinos

National Police in Torremolinos have arrested three people, two women and one man, for their alleged involvement in a ‘Nigerian Lottery’ scam in which a British citizen was conned out of €10,530 after they convinced him he had won a large prize in a lottery.

Domestic fatality in Torremolinos

A third major case of domestic violence in Andalucia during the past twenty-four hours, this time in Torremolinos where a 47-year-old English teacher was found, reportedly decapitated.

Youths fined €1,000 for littering

In Torremolinos, three youths, aged 17, 19 and 21 years, have been fined €1,000 each for dumping paper and other rubbish outside the receptacles provided for such waste products.

Two injured in fire in Torremolinos

Two people needed treatment for smoke inhalation and a third for an anxiety attack following a fire in an eleven storey apartment block in Torremolinos early this morning.

Domestic stabbing in Torremolinos

A 73-year-old woman, a German national, has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing her boyfriend, a 77-year-old Luxembourg national, at their home in El Pinillo, Torremolinos.